Sprinkler System ...

Sprinkler Irrigation System is one of the modern methods of irrigation where the water is pumped through pipeline and sprayed under pressure across the field through few rotating devices called sprinkler which create effects like natural rains. The rotation is achieved by the water pressure only. It saves water to a large extent but increases the crop yield with the simultaneous improvement in quality.

Advantages :

  • Maximum area coverage with minimum available water.
  • No run off of excess water and thus saves soil erosion
  • Suitable for undulating topography which does not required to be leveled.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Lesser Maintenance

Available Sizes & Pressure Ratings :

Available sizes with Arihant are :
Sizes 63mm to 110mm OD

  • Class -1 (PN 2.5)
  • Class -2 (PN 3.2)
  • Class -3 (PN 4)
  • Class-4 (PN 6)

Fusion Welded Sprinkler System ...

We have introduced one of the country’s best Sprinkler System s under the brand name of “Rolex” (Confirm to IS 14151)

“Rolex’ sprinkler (Quick pipe couplers) system- The main features of this system is that the couplers & tail piece are joint with pipes by fusion welding. The single black colour clamp (powder coated) rotate on collaring nut bolt & provides easy connection and disconnection of pipes with lock system.

Butt Welded Sprinkler System...

In this type of sprinkler system couplers and tail piece are joint by butt welding with pipes. This system is provided with quick release coupler and is used where dismantling and shifting is required frequently. This system can be provided in different model of coupler (round shape, square shape and hook fixing shape)


  • Field crop irrigation.
  • Golf courses, play grounds and stadiums.
  • Aquaculture and landscaping.
  • Dust suppression.