HDPE Pipes...

HDPE Coil Pipe System...

They are used for underground water pipe line & gravity water supply system, L.P.G distribution etc. The main benefit of HDPE coil pipe system is that friction losses are minimized, due to their smooth inner surface, which reduces the electricity consumption. HDPE coil pipes also makes the lowering and un-lowering of submersible pumps easy

Features :

  • High corrosion resistance, resulting in longer life.
  • High impact strength & high chemical resistance.
  • Absolutely inert to any pH value.
  • Virtually maintenence free.
Applications :

Domestic :

  • Potable water supply.
  • Lift irrigation scheme and farm irrigation scheme.
  • Riding main and distribution network for raw/ filtered water.
  • Chilled water circulation.
  • Temporary supply system like construction water lines, drought relief and flood relief.

Industrial :

  • Conveyance of edible oils, fruit pulps juices, milk and brine water.
  • Conveyance of acids, alkalis and all corrosive chemicals.

Effluent collection and disposal system :

  • Corrosive chemicals. effluents and all corrosive chemicals
  • Treated radio active waste

Gas / compressed system :

  • Natural gas and coal conveyance and consumer distribution
  • Conveyance and distribution of sewage, gas and cow dunk (gobur) gas
  • Compressed air supply network at construction sites, mines and factories
  • Community biogas schemes

Agricultural :

  • Lift / flow irrigation.
  • Submersible pump delivery lines.
  • Suction and delivery of pumps.
  • Multi irrigation system.

Advantage :

  • Light in weight, long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Flexible due to elastic in nature.
  • Tough due to high flexural and impact strength
  • Suitable to withstand high internal and external loads of internal fluid as well as external soil
  • Suitable for acids, alkalis and can be laid in marshy and corrosive soils.
  • Without any coating and cathodic protection.
  • Resistant to abrasion and thus suitables for transportation of slurry, boiler ash, ores, beach sand etc.
  • Physiologically harmless as the pipes are tateless, odourless and cause no bacterial growth. thus suitable for transportation of portable water and other flow able edibles.

Available Sizes :

  • Outside Diameter : 20mm to 360mm.
  • Pressure Ratings : PN 2.5 to PN 16
  • Pipes in various SDR Series can also be supplied.