Gaseous Fuel Pipe ...

We are reserved in manufacturing a wide range of Gaseous Fuel Pipes that are availed in the market leading rates and are in standard sizes. These Gaseous Fuel Pipes have gained international acclaim for the sturdy construction and high dimensional accuracy. These Polyethylene Pipes for distribution of natural gas are in use for almost several decades in the developed countries. With the availability of new generation PE compounds, it has gained favour in recent years due to advantages in costs and other technical superiority compared to the conventional piping materials.


The advantages of the most recently developed third generation MDPE (medium density polyethylene) having density below 940 kg/cm2 compound designated as PE 80 & 100 may be stated as follows:

  • Very good creep properties.
  • Excellent toughness/ductility.
  • High resistant to slow crack propagation and resistant to rapid crack propagation excellent ESCR.
  • Extremely smooth internal surface.
  • Very slow permeation to gases.
  • Resistant to aggressive media & soil.
  • No deposition, encrustation and leaching out.
  • excellent fusion characteristics.
  • Very wide service temperature range, 40oC to 80oC
  • Very good reeling properties.
  • Good Squeeze off properties.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Arihant manufacturing MDPE pipes as per both IS14885:2001 and ISO 4437 of following sizes and designation.

  • Outside Diameter: 20mm to 630mm
  • Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR): 17.6, 13.6, 11.0 & 9.


  • Domestic and commercial piped gas supply lines in small and major cities.
  • Relining of old and defunct metallic gas pipe line.