Online Drip Irrigation System ...

In this type of Drip Iirrigation System Dripper can be positioned exactly where required.. These dripper are manufactured from quality engineering plastic material. They are available in different colours and flow rates of 2, 4, 8 and 16 lph.

The innovative design of dripper with quick-seal technique allows it to open and close very quickly and easily creates less friction losses in the laterals. Provision to connect spagetti or extension tube for inter-crops and fully-grown horticulture crops.


  • To be “inserted" into thick-walled pipes (0.9, 1.0 and 1.2 mm.).
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.
  • UV resistant. Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural.


  • Ease of Assembly and Disassembly. Nominal operating pressure = 1.0 kg/cm²
  • Narrow cross shaped inlet acts as a filter.
  • Openable dripper - easy to clean.
  • Self cleaning design ensures flushing at start up, shut down & during operation.
  • Coloured cap facilitates easy identification of flow rate.
  • Number of drippers can be increased so as to increase water quantity supply aimed at meeting tree growth rate requirement.
  • Continuously self flushing: Flushes debris as it is detected, throughout operation, not just at the beginning or end of a cycle, ensuring uninterrupted dripper operation.
  • Recommended for orchards, fruit crops, vegetables, nurseries & flowers.
  • Recommended to use where section size is large and longer length of run is required.
  • Recommended for undulating terrain & steep slopes.