Flat Dripper ...


These drippers are flat in shape

  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh.
  • To be “welded” into a wide assortment of medium/thick - walled dripperlines (from 0.5 to 1.1 mm).
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.
  • UV resistant. Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural.
  • Driplines are available in various diameters (12mm , 16mm),dripper discharge ( 1.3 LPH,2 LPH, 3 LPH, 3.8 LPH ) and dripper spacing from 15 cm to 150 cm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Largest filter in each dripper. Wide filtration area to ensure optimal performance.
  • It assures wide water passages, large deep and wide cross section improves clogging resistance. Widest water passages within the dripper.
  • The water is drawn in to the dripper from the stream center, preventing the entrance of sediments in to the drippers.
  • Injection molded dripper construction , ensuring uniform drippers and very low CV.
  • Uniform application of water and nutrients.
  • Does not split under higher flushing pressures, higher field durability.
  • Less maintenance – longer life.


  • It is recommended for irrigation of closely spaced row crops like sugarcane, cotton, banana, strawberry, vegetables, spices and floriculture, etc.
  • Recommended to use in greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Used for widely spaced horticultural plants like mango, citrus, guava, apple etc. in group spacings.
  • Suitable for surface as well as sub surface installations.