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The company manufactures plastic pipes for agriculture, such as irrigation system, and a wide range of other industries such as construction, municipal water system, foundation drainage etc.

The various services which company provides to its customers include HDPE Sprinkler systems & Accessories , Rigid PVC pipes, HDPE coil pipe, HDPE Threaded pipes & also advice them on how to achieve higher quality yields. The major product in company’s product line and for which the company is known is its Sprinkler System. It has more than 4 kinds of models for sprinkler systems.

Agriculture scientists have evolved sprinkler systems after a worldwide research and development. It increases the efficiency of farmers on job and saves water up to 50%. All sprinklers pipes undergo quality testing before they are delivered to any customer. They are mainly used for irrigation purpose but can also be used to develop any landscape or in golf course or resorts etc. They are particular helpful where the land is uneven & conventional channel system can’t be used to irrigate the land. The cost of labour is also minimized with the help of sprinkler systems.

HDPE’s flexibility and resilience has made it increasingly popular in earthquake territory or other areas where soils can shift. All the HDPE pipes are manufactured from HDPE virgin raw material which is non –toxic & does not support microbial growth.